Food Grade Conveyor Belts

Food Grade Belting For Conveying And Food Processing Systems

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Industrial food processing and manufacturing is one of the most demanding conveyor belting applications and finding the right material for your application is critical. Confectionary, Meat and Poultry Processing or Bakeries, Ace Belting can help you find the right material for your process:  Extruded Urethane Belting (Flat and Round), Plastic Modular, Polyurethane or TPU are just some of the solutions we provide.

We can supply the right belt with the right fabrication: Sealed Edges, Cleats, Sidewalls, V-guides, etc…

Anti-Microbial Conveyor belting for food production and processing applications has been specifically designed with an additive that prevents microorganism growth from occurring.  These belts are FDA and USDA compliant.

Positive Drive belts are made from an extruded urethane material and have many advantageous properties:

  • No modules, hinges or crevices that may harbor bacteria or break apart
  • No seams or plies that may fray or delaminate
  • Easily cleaned on-site
  • Increases production uptime
  • Lowers overall conveying costs
  • Less Water and chemicals required for cleaning
  • Reduced cost for treatment of waste water
  • Ease of welding endless or making repairs
  • Lower bacteria counts

Contact us today for further details on a food grade conveyor belt for your food processing application.

USDA Certified Belting

clip image004 Food Grade Conveyor BeltsWe carry a full line of USDA certified belting products. To learn more about USDA certified conveyor belting and how to remain in compliance, please see our USDA Conveyor Belting page.

A Leading Supplier Of Food Grade Conveyor Belts To The Eastern United States

Ace Belting is a leading provider of food grade conveyor belts and other food processing belts (FDA approved) to clients on the east coast including New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Florida, Georgia, Virginia, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland & Pennsylvania.

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