Types of V-Belts

What Are The Different Types Of V-Belts? V-belts are one of the many different types of conveyor belts available. These belts are different from the other varieties because there is only one strand of V-belt found underneath the roller bed. This belt can be found on one of the sides of the rollers right next

What Makes Belting USDA/FDA Approved?

What Makes Belting USDA/FDA Approved? If your business processes food, you know that there are strict requirements that must be followed which have been set by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration). That is because any material that comes into contact with food must meet certain regulations due

Green Lubricant Alternatives

Who says “going green” is a dirty word? Camie recently launched a new line of biodegradable lubricants, Tom’s Secret Formula. Because it is made with natural vegetable oils,there’s no danger of polluting the water, soil or work environment.And unlike petroleum-based lubricants, Tom’s Secret Formula Lubricant does not contain chemical solvents that evaporate, making them last

Positively Positive Drive

Looking for a great substitute for Plastic Modular Belting? Ace Belting now carries Extruded Urethane Belting with integrated teeth that eliminate slippage and pre-tensioning, reducing strain on the belt and giving you longer belt life and improved belt performance over traditional plastic belts, producing a lower overall cost of ownership. Other benefits include: Easy cleaning=Cost

Grip or Slip??

Need More Grip? Need Less? Is your product sticking where it shouldn’t? Ace Belting carries many adhesive tapes that provide a smooth layer of extra protection where you need it. UHMW or PTFE, with thicknesses ranging from .002″ to .020″ we can you get you the tape you need. If you need extra grip Ace

Ace Belting Is Live On The Web

Looking for a great substitute for Plastic Modular Belting? Ace Belting has over 60 years of experience supplying industrial belts and now we have a website that brings all of that experience into the 21st century and together in one place. Ace Belting: Your One-Stop Source For Conveyor Belting We carry a full line of

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