Grip or Slip??

Need More Grip? Need Less?

Is your product sticking where it shouldn’t? Ace Belting carries many adhesive tapes that provide a smooth layer of extra protection where you need it. UHMW or PTFE, with thicknesses ranging from .002″ to .020″ we can you get you the tape you need. If you need extra grip Ace Belting carries GreyGrip® Tape with an aggressive silicone rubber cover. Available with a smooth or dimpled cover, as roller wrap for power transmission or for use on a conveyor, GreyGrip® Tape helps you move what you want how you want it.

Summer Barbecue Tip #2

bq Summer BBQ Tip#2 Stop buying hamburger meat from the supermarket. Find your local Butcher and ask him for his best ‘Burger Blend’. You’ll taste the difference.

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