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Heat Resistant Belts For High Temperature Applications


Heat Resistant Belts for High Temperature Applications

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If your conveying environment is exposed to extremes of temperature, we can assist you in finding the right material for your application. High performance PTFE Coated Kevlar®, Nomex® and Fiberglass industrial belting and fabrics have been developed for the most demanding industrial belting applications. If you require materials with superior release, permeability for rapid drying, chemical resistance and high strength Ace Belting can supply you with the product you need.

Ace Belting Can Supply Material To Address Your High Heat Belting Requirements

  • Continuous band sealing belts, single ply and 2-ply for uniform thickness
  • Silicone coated and PTFE coated fiberglass mesh shrink tunnel belts
  • Truly Endless Silicone Belts for Inkjet labeling equipment​
  • Food Processing
  • Packaging (Side Sealing, Bottom Sealing, Form Fill and Seal) ​

Our high temperature conveyor belts are used in many different applications that have operating temperatures from -100F to +500F. Whether you are looking for an aggressive cover with high- grip properties or a super-smooth material with excellent release, Ace Belting (no caps) can help you find the right material.

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Continuous band sealing belts
Silicone Belts for Inkjet labeling equipment​

About High Temperature Belts

High temperature conveyor belts are usually made by mixing rubber with high temperature resistant materials such as EP or PTFE. They typically have a cotton, canvas or EP core with an ethylene-propylene rubber syrene butadiene or PTFE coating that offers good heat resistance. They are used in the steel, coking, cement industries as well as other industrial applications where heat resistance is needed.