V-Belts & Timing Belts

Replacement V Belts and Timing Belts, Standard & Metric Sizes

v-belts - timing beltsV belts are a common type of conveyor belting, and are used in a variety of industrial applications, including power transmission/driving, timing, sequencing and conveying. V-belts can be smooth, wedged, banded, cogged, notched or ribbed depending on the application. We offer a full range of v-belts for a variety of industries and are your one-stop source for V-belt replacement.

Poly V-Belts: Poly V-Belts are known for their flexibility and offer the advantages of smoother performance, high speed capability and low profile design.

Variable Speed V-Belts: Variable speed v-belts are used on variable speed sheave drives and most have excellent lateral rigidity in order to maintain consistent speed control.

Standard V Belts
  • 2L; 3L; 4L; 5L
  • A; B; C; D; E
  • AX; BX; CX
  • Wedge (3V; 5V; 8V) (3VX; 5VX)
  • Banded V-Belts
  • Poly-V Belts
  • Timing Belts (Single and Double Sided)
  • Open-Ended Timing Belts  (For Sequencing)
  • Urethane Timing Belts
  • Variable Speed Belts
Metric V Belts
  • Timing Belts – (Single and Double Sided)
  • 2.5T; 5T; 10T; 20T;
  • Open-Ended Timing Belts  (For Sequencing)
  • Variable Speed Belts

V-Belt Replacement

Composite V-belts offer problem solving alternatives to conventional endless rubber V-belts of classical and metric SP wedge cross sections.

Timing Belts

MXL, XL, L, HTD3, HTD5, HTD8, T2.5, T5, T10, AT5 and AT10. These belts are made of fiberglass- reinforced neoprene or urethane reinforced with steel or Kevlar. We can also provide you with custom covers (linatex, natural rubber, silicone) and special profiles fabricated to your specifications.

We carry V-Belts for all industrial applications. Contact us today for more information on a V-Belt to fit your particular application.

A Leading V-belt Supplier To The Eastern United States

Ace Belting is a leading provider of V-belts, timing belts (both standard and metric) to clients on the east coast including New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Florida, Georgia, Virginia, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland & Pennsylvania.

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